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Ralph Casey is Going To DC to get answers for the small businessman

Mother and I met a wonderful man, Ralph Casey, and his friend driving a covered wagon from Georgia to Washington, DC with a mission to get answers for small businesses everywhere.  Are you sick and tired of America taking care of everyone in the world and not being there for our own small business people or even our veterans? We are what made America great and yet we are being taxed and regulated to death.There are 1000’s of small businesses in America that simply need some of the incentives to create jobs that have been given to bailout many large and inefficiently run businesses. Running a government like any other business would be a good start and trimming back that government to what our forefathers had envisioned and allowing the private sector to move on and create jobs without all the interference and regulation is what we need now.  Follow Ralph Casey on Facebook and look for his wagon. He just came through Pulaski Va  on Route 11 today

Ralph Casey Going to DC

Ralph Casey looking for answers for the small bussinessman


Rockwood Manor congratulates Tracie & Chris Stilwell and Emily & Paul Smith on their Weddings.

This past weekend we held two wonderful weddings here at Rockwood Manor Bed & Breakfast. The weather cooperated on both Saturday and Sunday and they were wonderfully attended. We would like to congratulate both couples and wish them the very best in their lives together.  Such a fine start to life together!!!

Heartwood Soft Opening in Abingdon Virginia a Success

Being a part of   “Round the Mountain” and watching it grow into a viable organization for showcasing the natural and

cultural heritage in the Music, Art & Crafts of our 19 county region of Southwest Virginia has been a exciting journey.

The soft opening of “Heartwood” was held last Sunday May 15th to an awed crowd and I will have to say it is an amazing

structure inside and out. The buildings’  design incorporates a  barn like appearance along with some truly wonderful

cabinet work for showcasing the arts and communities in our region is beyond comparison.

Well done and we thank the hard work and efforts of the Board of  “Round the Mountain”  and the future home of

“The Crooked Road”  as well as all the other contributors to this project.

Check them out at this link  

Heart of Southwest Virginia



The Crooked Road, Heartwood and Blue Ridge Traditional Arts arrive at The Pulaski Theatre

Roots of American Music Tour
Presented by The Crooked Road, Heartwood and Blue Ridge Traditional Arts

7:30 PM (doors open at 6:30)
$12 in advance or $15 at the door

Music from Ireland, Africa and The Blue Ridge:
Dale Jett
Mick Moloney
Cheick Hamala Diabate
Linda Lav
Sammy Shelor
Eddie Bond
Burl Rhea
Kirk Sutphin
Molly Slemp
Joey Abarta
Leigh Beamer

The Roots of American Music is a tour of 12 concerts celebrating the permanent exhibit of the same name opening May, 2011 at the Blue Ridge Music Center, located at Milepost 213 of the Blue Ridge Parkway, Galax, Va.

Roots of American Music salutes our region’s creation of the first truly American sound. Hear what happened when the European violin met the African banjo in an unforgettable performance by some of the finest Irish, African and Blue Ridge Mountain musicians playing today. Jig dancing, old ballads, uilleann piping, the griot’s twang; it is all here.