Beautiful Rockwood Manor poem by a guest

“A lovely grand historic home,

‘Mongst trees upon the hill,

was putting on a coat of snow.

The night was very still.


And Frank was there with broom in hand,

To sweep the snow away,

Smiling, friendly, welcoming,

As he was throughout our stay.


He showed us in and ‘round the house

He led us room by room.

He showed us coffee, showed us tea,

Some later we’d consume.


He showed us rooms for dining,

And rooms for sitting too.

Twelve bedrooms was the total count.

For us just one should do.


Then we went to “Porterfield”,

The name of number five.

We creaked our way up spiral stairs

That almost seemed alive.


The room was simply beautiful

With all that we might need.

With robes and all amenities,

It was complete indeed.




So if you’re traveling 81 

Or near the Blueridge Parkway,

Be sure the Rockwood Manor

Is a place that you do stay.


Frank and Rochelle Drummond

Are the hosts that you will find

Will have the “Keys” to Rockwood Manor

Where you can unwind.


They’ll wine you and they’ll dine you.

They’ll really do their part;

Your Rockwood Manor visit

Etched forever in your heart.”


-Don and Eva


Thank you for writing this beautiful poem about your stay here at Rockwood Manor. We hope your stay was as wonderful as this poem is.

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