Best Biking and Inline Skating in Virginia


The best biking and inline skating destinations in Virginia

Biking, hiking and inline skating are a fantastic way to enjoy time in the great outdoors, a fun activity that all the family can share and a good way to keep fit. More and more people are heading to Virginia to enjoy these activities, and if you want to know why, read on.

Why Virginia?

Framed by the Blue Ridge Mountains and the beautiful Chesapeake Bay, Virginia has a surprising variety of beautiful landscapes. Its rich forests are teeming with wildlife and it is home to several magnificent rivers. The coastal territory also presents a wide variety of fascinating places to explore.

The Huckleberry Trail

Built where the old Cambria to Blacksburg railroad used to run, the Huckleberry Trail has long been known for the abundance of huckleberries and blueberries that can be found beside it, so cyclists and skaters might find themselves stopping off from time to time to enjoy a good snack. It is just under six miles long and paved all the way, making it well suited to beginners and family groups. Wooden mile markers help you check your progress as you go.

The Washington and Old Dominion Trail

With a full 45 miles of high quality paved or asphalt trail, the Washington and Old Dominion Trail is one of the best choices for bikers and skaters who want a long distance challenge. It is built along the path of the now abandoned Washington and Old Dominion railroad and it traverses some of the most beautiful countryside in the state, taking in woods and fields and passing by old settlements. Splitting off from it is the Bluemont Junction Trail, a pleasingly shaded place to ride on hot summer days.

The Lower Cascade Falls

There are actually two hiking trails at Cascade Falls, but the lower one is generally considered the best, running alongside the creek bed and offering some stunning views, and when you reach the end you can stand under the waterfall itself to cool off. It is great for hikers young and old at only four miles long, but the uneven terrain means it is still a comparatively tough option, so you will need appropriate hiking gear to make the most of this photographer’s paradise.

Cape Henry Trail

At 7.5 miles in length, this well tended trail takes you right across First Landing State Park, where you can spot deer, foxes and all sorts of waterfowl, including ospreys. Despite varied terrain with sand, gravel, asphalt and crushed stone underfoot, it might sound challenging, but it is actually well suited to skaters and it will also appeal to bike riders who want a relaxing ride in beautiful surroundings. There is a small fee for use.

Go equipped

To take on Virginia’s challenging trails, you will need good walking boots, a sturdy mountain bike or a good brand of rollerblade inline skates, capable of navigating the many bumps along the way and coping with the occasional steep incline. You should also take at least a basic survival kit: a first aid kit, a knife, a torch, a lighter, a bottle of water and some high energy rations such as dried fruit or cereal bars.

Virginia is a thrilling place to explore and these great trails make it easy to find your way around the best bits.

First major snow of our season with 9 inches of powder.

Unlike our neighbors to the north we have had very little snow this season and it was a true pleasure to watch it fall yesterday. Rochelle and I put on our boots and hiked to the road and I did take some great pictures. I will add one shortly. Soft light powder with no wind. Unlike the blast from this past weekend. Cold I can deal with, Snow I Love, Wind is the worst. Dreaming of warm sunny beaches in Mexico with a cold Corona.

Our new Website is now here and LIVE!

After months of working on the new responsive website we have now taken it Live. Still items and bugs to work out but for the most part I am quite happy with the new look.All sorts of pictures but only a small part of what we actually have from years of happy occasions. I actually feel it finally does the home justice and we are actually updating and adding new content on ourselves and our wonderful Virginia Blue Ridge. This blog post is also a test of that in this new site. Thanks for following us a we grow.

Lessons Learned “Go Hokies”

Days come and go and as I grow older they do seem to past faster. One good thing about that though is the fact that I often recognize certain lessons learned.

So I thought it might be a good thing to actually write some of these lessons down just as my ancestors did even if it is in a form that probably will not last long.

Yesterday I learned that it is alright to be wrong and if you are wrong then admit it and see if there is a way to possible fix that wrong.

I did make a mistake in one of our bookings and I did take ownership of that mistake. I also tried to fix it in the only way I could and hopefully that will end up being


I also learned that we need to be flexible in whatever we do and that bending with the flow is much better than breaking. To be able to change is good.

We cannot always have what we want or expect and to recognize this and accept it is an important part of life’s lessons.

Just as we need to support those around us even if we disagree with their actions.

Take  VT Football for instance. Everyone Loves them when they win and Loves them not when they lose.

But as in Life no one is at the top of their game all of the time.

Yet they still need that support when they are losing and even more so than when they are winning.

Compassion is the way. But not to the extreme. Do not coddle but enable them to be themselves and grow.

Treat your family and friends  the same when they are up as when they are down and you too will be blessed with winning moments in this one life that we have.

Golfing in Roanoke: planning your trip to the tee


The stunning backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the beauty of the changing seasons, along with undulating greens and rolling fairways combine to create a unique golfing experience in the Roanoke Valley. Golfers at all levels of ability can pack their clubs, balls and elbow sleeve and head out to practice their sport here in ideal surroundings. There are numerous tailored packages available to get the most out of the semi-private and public courses. Whether planning a family vacation or a group outing, both aspiring and seasoned players can get the latest info through Golf Digest and customize their perfect package.

Planning the trip

Proper packing is an essential part of every golfing trip in order to avoid a raft of hassles and annoyances that will seriously put you off your game.

  • Use microfiber clothing, for instance, which is specially designed for golf travelers. It’s resistant to wrinkling, lightweight for transport and dries quickly if a shower catches you out.
  • You should also use quality outerwear as the weather can be inclement at times and getting caught in high crosswinds without the proper level of protection is asking for trouble.
  • Take the right number of balls appropriate to your level. If your handicap is high you’ll need more balls so take a long, honest look at your game to assess the number of balls to pack.
  • It’s always a good idea to pack a box of snacks like peanut butter crackers and Granola bars for the energy factor whilst out on the course.

Tips for beginners

Golf has a reputation for being elitist but this is changing fast and the sport is much more accessible than it used to be. The experience of heading off under the gaze of veterans can be daunting, so here are a few tips to help out.

  • Take a few lessons – teaching yourself will only encourage bad habits.
  • Work on your putting – putts account for half the strokes in a round but are not often practiced.
  • Work out on a driving range – these places are great for advice and instruction, and you can happily lose all the balls you want.
  • Don’t feel pressured – let other players overtake you if you need to concentrate on your game more. Remember that even the top pros started out as beginners.

Pete Dye Rivercourse

One of the best courses in southwest Virginia is the Virginia Tech Pete Dye Rivercourse, between Radford and Blacksburg. This is an 18-hole course that offers golfers a fun and challenging five sets of tees, covering all ability levels. As an added bonus, there are splendid and invigorating panoramic views from every hole along the 2.5 miles of New River.

The River, as it’s fondly known, also has putting and chipping greens, a driving range on its practice facility and a full teaching center as well as a pro shop for buying and hiring equipment. Golf Digest voted this course one of the “Best Places to Play” in the whole of the US.


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