Rising from the Ashes into a New One World Trade Center at 1776 Feet.

Only in America can one wake in the morning to see a ABC News report on the top spire of the new One World Trade Center being set in place to soon make history as the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. And as part of that report learn that a local Lynchburg Virginia company “Banker Steel”  supplied the custom designed steel for the foundation of that new structure. Top that with the fact that I was about to serve breakfast to the owners Don & Carol Banker and another wonderful couple from St Petersburg Russia. The conversation was wonderful and so informative. I learned that not only did the supply steel for the new Tower but the prior owner had supplied steel for the Twin Towers. I had no idea there was such a firm as Banker Steel in Lynchburg but then our home Rockwood Manor was designed by Robert Burkholder and built by a Pettijohn and both came from Lynchburg and we too believe our home was finished in 1876 and showed that though we had lost the Civil War we could still do Grand Things.

God Bless America!
One World Trade Center

Spring Wedding Congratulations to Dayne Mauney and Corey Scott

400x400_dayneandcoreyWhile the Wedding couple live in Alexandria Virginia they have returned to the Blacksburg Virginia area to join together in their marriage vows this coming weekend.

Friends and family from across the country will converge here at Rockwood Manor in Dublin Virginia to be a part of their wedding and reception. The spring daffodils

are raising their beautiful flowers up to greet the spring sunshine and this wonderful couple will start their life together soon.  We wish them the very best in their future together.

A perfect celebration designed and coordinated by Stephanie H. Dasch  *Diamond Events*


Scott Mactavish: Creator of Feature Length Documentary “Murph the Protector”.


An American Hero who gives his life to save those under his command.

This is a special story written directed and produced by a Pulaski Hometown Boy. To think that Scott now lives in an area with other personal friends of ours and is near the Navy Seals of whom this story is about. We are blessed to have such a talented individual in our midst and the story he tells of Lt Michael Murphy is enthralling. Thanks to both for making me Proud to be an American.





The Marvelous Wonderettes at the Pulaski Theater for Valentines Day


These lovely Ladies have really got the talent and we are so lucky they are coming to our local Pulaski Theater this Valentines Day 2013. T he Marvelous Wonderettes is a great off -Broadway musical  written by Roger Bean . You are taken to the 1958 Springfield High School prom where we meet the Wonderettes. Four crazy girls with all sorts of talent and spunk! As we learn about their lives and loves, we are treated to the girls performing  classic ‘50s and ‘60s songs with a do wop style as good as it gets on over 20  classic hits!  A real musical trip down memory lane!

Have you been trying to come up with a great VALENTINES Day gift for your Lady. Well here it is. Rockwood Manor has some rooms available on a first come first served basis and at a discounted price of only $125 for the evening and breakfast the next morning. And better still is the fact that “the Marvelous Wonderettes” will be spending the evening and joining us for breakfast.


Marvelous Wonderettes

An Off Broadway Hit and Musical.

Our Friend and Angel Connie Richeson has gone to her Heavenly home

There are some  people in this great big world who just shine like a star and Connie was one of them.


Everyone was her friend and she would go out of her way constantly to make you feel special or help you in anyway.

I remember her  taking over the kitchen here and feeding our guests when Rochelle and I could not be here for that.

She would travel to Central America to help those in need and just glow about it. Always taking on the work of The Lord and living it too.

Constance was a living example of what it means to be a Christian and I am sure the Good Lord would agree.

We Love you and you will be sorely missed. 

The following words were written for Connie by Sarah McMillin and Caroline Donnelly and spoken at the service yesterday (1/10/13)by Sarah.

Where can I find Connie?

She is the warm love within our hearts , She is the Ray of light that breaks through the cloud cover, She is the resplendence of the blue crab,

She is the dancing of the sandpipers, She is the laughter inside our souls, She is the dramatic glow of a Sandbridge sunset,

She is the gentle caress of the ocean wave, She is the wonder in a child’s eyes, She is the fierceness of the mighty osprey,

She is the devotion of a pair of Tundra swans, She is the playfulness of a leaping dolphin,

She is that comforting summer breeze as it glances your cheek,

She is a love everlasting, She is home in the Glory of God, and


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