Eire go Brach

Ireland is a major player in our family history with 4 separate ancestor lines coming from the Emerald Isle. Three were actually Scotch Irish from the Plantation settlement of Northern Ireland and one was a young Irish Prince Anselan O Kyan who ended up fighting the Danes and joining forces with Malcolm II who gave him lands and title and the name Buchanan.
James Patton from Springfield Donegal, James McGavock from Glenarm. and the Cloyds from Derry all came to America seeking land and fortune and escaping from a God Awful mess in the Old World. From what I have read on their histories the World was a
dangerous and trying place and they were a tough group of peoples.
Without them and others our way of life would be nonexistent and I believe we should honor them in everything we do today.
So I would like to Thank them All for what we have today.

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