Lessons Learned “Go Hokies”

Days come and go and as I grow older they do seem to past faster. One good thing about that though is the fact that I often recognize certain lessons learned.

So I thought it might be a good thing to actually write some of these lessons down just as my ancestors did even if it is in a form that probably will not last long.

Yesterday I learned that it is alright to be wrong and if you are wrong then admit it and see if there is a way to possible fix that wrong.

I did make a mistake in one of our bookings and I did take ownership of that mistake. I also tried to fix it in the only way I could and hopefully that will end up being


I also learned that we need to be flexible in whatever we do and that bending with the flow is much better than breaking. To be able to change is good.

We cannot always have what we want or expect and to recognize this and accept it is an important part of life’s lessons.

Just as we need to support those around us even if we disagree with their actions.

Take  VT Football for instance. Everyone Loves them when they win and Loves them not when they lose.

But as in Life no one is at the top of their game all of the time.

Yet they still need that support when they are losing and even more so than when they are winning.

Compassion is the way. But not to the extreme. Do not coddle but enable them to be themselves and grow.

Treat your family and friends  the same when they are up as when they are down and you too will be blessed with winning moments in this one life that we have.

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