The Airshow Flying Circus Comes to Dublin VA

Celebrate the 5oth Anniversary of our great local New River Valley Airport in style.  So many acts on the ground and in the air that will take you back to the good old days of barnstorming.

Our family has ties to those great days. My wife Rochelle’s father was a young man in Kansas who fell head over heals for aviation and even designed and built his own plane the Murray Sport.

He then went on to teach another young man (Mudhole Smith)  to fly and that became his life story in Alaska.

My father engineered and built aircraft with Glenn L Martin in Baltimore during WWII and later sold missile systems to knock them down

and I too worked in the Army Air Defense with Nike Hercules missiles that now stand at the entrance to Radford Army Arsennal next door.

NRV Skyfest Airshow


Check out all they have to offer at    and for a great place to stay while you visit the show try Rockwood Manor and all it      has to offer.

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