Our Friend and Angel Connie Richeson has gone to her Heavenly home

There are some  people in this great big world who just shine like a star and Connie was one of them.


Everyone was her friend and she would go out of her way constantly to make you feel special or help you in anyway.

I remember her  taking over the kitchen here and feeding our guests when Rochelle and I could not be here for that.

She would travel to Central America to help those in need and just glow about it. Always taking on the work of The Lord and living it too.

Constance was a living example of what it means to be a Christian and I am sure the Good Lord would agree.

We Love you and you will be sorely missed. 

The following words were written for Connie by Sarah McMillin and Caroline Donnelly and spoken at the service yesterday (1/10/13)by Sarah.

Where can I find Connie?

She is the warm love within our hearts , She is the Ray of light that breaks through the cloud cover, She is the resplendence of the blue crab,

She is the dancing of the sandpipers, She is the laughter inside our souls, She is the dramatic glow of a Sandbridge sunset,

She is the gentle caress of the ocean wave, She is the wonder in a child’s eyes, She is the fierceness of the mighty osprey,

She is the devotion of a pair of Tundra swans, She is the playfulness of a leaping dolphin,

She is that comforting summer breeze as it glances your cheek,

She is a love everlasting, She is home in the Glory of God, and


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