Heartwood Soft Opening in Abingdon Virginia a Success

Being a part of   “Round the Mountain” and watching it grow into a viable organization for showcasing the natural and

cultural heritage in the Music, Art & Crafts of our 19 county region of Southwest Virginia has been a exciting journey.

The soft opening of “Heartwood” was held last Sunday May 15th to an awed crowd and I will have to say it is an amazing

structure inside and out. The buildings’  design incorporates a  barn like appearance along with some truly wonderful

cabinet work for showcasing the arts and communities in our region is beyond comparison.

Well done and we thank the hard work and efforts of the Board of  “Round the Mountain”  and the future home of

“The Crooked Road”  as well as all the other contributors to this project.

Check them out at this link  

Heart of Southwest Virginia



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