The Magill Family returns to Rockwood Manor for a wedding 97 years later.

For over 135 years now this great old family home has been blessed with a variety of family weddings and events.

This weekend we are blessed to have the Magill Family return to the home of their Grandparents.

Crystal Magill will be wed today to Chris Jenkins on the same front lawn as her great grandmother Ellen Howe Bell married Orrin Magill in 1915.

Orrin and Ellen went to China with the YMCA and spent the majority of their early lives together there. Most of the children were born there and the family has grown up all over the world.

Her Grandfather Orrin Magill was born here at Rockwood on one of the families return trips from China.

We wish Crystal and Chris the very best in their future life together. Check out their wedding site . http://magillandjenkins.ourwedding.com/

Magill to wed at Rockwood Manor

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