What is Memorial Day?


Ten years ago we came to Dublin Virginia to take on the project of restoring the old family home Rockwood. While repairing everything I noticed the lower level plaster walls were covered in graffitti. Names, drawings, trains, horses, wagons and some dates. Facinating history. Like looking at a prehistoric cave wall.

One very elaborate signature stood out “Elliott Hampton Howe 1897” written in a giant scrolling script. I wondered who he was and why the signature was here. It wasn’t till years later I was given a book “Listen to the Mockingbird” written by Lt Col Daniel Dunbar Howe about the Howe, Hoge, Tyler familes and our  connections. I learned from this that Elliott was born 1880 and was 17 years old and our cousin visiting the home at the time.

Fast forward to World War One and young Lieutenant Howe was 38 , married with children, and serving our country in the great Battle of the Meuse -Argonne. Leading his platoon he was struck by a German artillary shell and died there in France.

Memorial Day is set aside to Honor our fallen soldiers who have given the greatest sacrifice for God & Country and I am proud to have learned of this unknown member of our family and what he did for the USA. Thank you Elliott for this.

There are a lot of family members who served in various wars and branches of service back to the French Indian and Revolutionary War and up through the current time. Some of these are being posted in our http://RockwoodFamily.com website.

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