Lessons Learned “Go Hokies”

Days come and go and as I grow older they do seem to past faster. One good thing about that though is the fact that I often recognize certain lessons learned.

So I thought it might be a good thing to actually write some of these lessons down just as my ancestors did even if it is in a form that probably will not last long.

Yesterday I learned that it is alright to be wrong and if you are wrong then admit it and see if there is a way to possible fix that wrong.

I did make a mistake in one of our bookings and I did take ownership of that mistake. I also tried to fix it in the only way I could and hopefully that will end up being


I also learned that we need to be flexible in whatever we do and that bending with the flow is much better than breaking. To be able to change is good.

We cannot always have what we want or expect and to recognize this and accept it is an important part of life’s lessons.

Just as we need to support those around us even if we disagree with their actions.

Take  VT Football for instance. Everyone Loves them when they win and Loves them not when they lose.

But as in Life no one is at the top of their game all of the time.

Yet they still need that support when they are losing and even more so than when they are winning.

Compassion is the way. But not to the extreme. Do not coddle but enable them to be themselves and grow.

Treat your family and friends  the same when they are up as when they are down and you too will be blessed with winning moments in this one life that we have.

Beginners Guide to Skiing

Beginner’s guide to skiing – all you need to know

The vacation is approaching and it’s the first one that involves skiing. Learning to ski for the first time is an exciting experience though it can seem rather daunting. Many beginners may have watched the Winter Olympics and seen the sometimes unbelievable exploits of top athletes on the ski slopes and wondered how they got to be so good. The answer is with talent, practice and good planning, and there’s no reason a beginner can’t progress to experienced status, though possibly not making it as an Olympian!

Good planning will pay off

For someone who has never been skiing before there are certain preparations that will help make the whole process a lot smoother. Apart from the obvious need for ski gear, it’s easy to forget that skiing is a very physical process and as a first timer it makes lot of sense to get fit beforehand.

Skiing puts a lot of stress on a number of parts of the body, in particular the knees and ankles, hips and thighs. Shoulders, back and arms will also be strained, so building up a regular exercise regime some two or three months before the vacation will pay off and prevent the major hurting that would otherwise occur.

Good exercises to strengthen the quads and glutes, because a lot of skiing is done in a part squat position, are box jumps, lateral jumps and squat jumps to help build the requisite muscle strength. Some weight training and cardiovascular work will also assist the body to get into shape.

Ski gear – buy or hire?

There’s no doubt that skiing can be an expensive sport, but the beginner doesn’t need to buy everything up front. The sensible thing to do is to mix buying and hiring. There’s not much point in buying an expensive set of skis only to find that the sport doesn’t really appeal.

Clothing and certain smaller elements of equipment should be bought because they can always be used again. Undergarments of thermal materials, long sleeved t-shirt, a fleece, waterproof jacket and salopettes, a hat to cover the ears and thick gloves are the essentials. Some may prefer a ski suit and often there are good bargains to be had out-of-season when the previous season’s gear is being sold.

Another essential, and not too expensive, is ski goggles, such as goggles with polarized and mirror lenses – they keep the sun and snow out of the eyes. In addition, sunscreen should be packed – cold it may be on the slopes but the clear skies give a lot of UV radiation to the skin.

Ski boots, skis and helmets can be hired at a resort, and the ski shop staff in resorts such as Winterplace in West Virginia will help make sure everything fits properly. The state may not seem an obvious ski destination, but its mountains have a northern exposure with a perfect climate that lets winter arrive early and stay late, providing ideal conditions for both beginners and the more experienced skiers.



The Magill Family returns to Rockwood Manor for a wedding 97 years later.

For over 135 years now this great old family home has been blessed with a variety of family weddings and events.

This weekend we are blessed to have the Magill Family return to the home of their Grandparents.

Crystal Magill will be wed today to Chris Jenkins on the same front lawn as her great grandmother Ellen Howe Bell married Orrin Magill in 1915.

Orrin and Ellen went to China with the YMCA and spent the majority of their early lives together there. Most of the children were born there and the family has grown up all over the world.

Her Grandfather Orrin Magill was born here at Rockwood on one of the families return trips from China.

We wish Crystal and Chris the very best in their future life together. Check out their wedding site . http://magillandjenkins.ourwedding.com/

Magill to wed at Rockwood Manor

Remembering Lieutenant Elliott Hampton Howe

On our basement wall is a scrolling signature of Elliott Hampton Howe in 1897. I always thought he was a cousin but did not know the ties.

Then I was able to read the book on the Howe Family “Listen to the Mockingbird by Col Daniel Dunbar Howe.
I was now able to put a tie to Elliott and learn of his storied fate. Elliott came from a family of soldiers and his duty to our country cost him his life.
He died for this wonderful country in France during the Meuse Argonne offensive of the First World War.
On October 11, 1918 this young cousins life ended so that our great Nation could continue.
We would like all to remember him on Memorial Day.
And now I can put a story to his signature and thank him for what he did.


Rockwood Manor B&B has been Pinned by BnBFinder


Apparently our beautiful Italianate Architecture caught the eye of Marisa at BnBFinder.com and she has put us up on Pinterest under “Inn-triging B&B Architecture.

Thanks to my Great Grand-Parents Francis and Sarah Bell and their alliance with James Burkholder a architect from Lynchburg VA. His outstanding design is

unrivaled in this part of Virginia.


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