How many people can stay in each room?

Room rate is based on double occupancy.  There is an additional charge of $20 per person per night for more than two in a room.  This is to cover the cost of extra linens and food for breakfast. There is a max per room and limit on beds.


When may people check into their room?

Check in time is 3:00 on your package day and check out is 11:00 AM on your exit day.


Who determines the room assignments?

The bride and or/groom make the room assignments and must send a list of the occupants for each room to Rockwood Manor at least two weeks prior to the event.


Is there a damage deposit required?

Lessee will supply us with a CC# on which a $400 hold will be applied for any damages or loss, extra cleaning, trash removal and any extra charges not included in the contract.  

We must have  guest info and  credit card on file for EACH room in case of damage or loss of items.  The occupants of the room will be charged accordingly and that will help protect you.


How long do I get to use the property?

As stated in your contract, you have the use of the grounds from Noon  on Friday until 10:00 AM on Sunday for a Saturday wedding. 11am on entrance day to 10 am on exit day for other one day packages.


How many people may attend?

Each package has different limits with 150, 120 and 80. Modified packages can be made per number of expected guests. We have a max limit of 180 people due to wear and tear on the facilities and a requirement of portable restrooms for over 150.


May I use the barn?

You may use the barn OR the tent.  Please keep in mind that the barn is not heated nor air conditioned so please consider the time of year before using the barn. It is temperature dependent and will be the ambient temp.


What is your policy on alcohol?

Only beer and wine are permitted.  You must obtain an ABC permit to serve the beer and wine and you must have a dedicated bartender.  That permitting process takes weeks through VABC.gov and we must have the permit no later than 2 weeks prior to event. This will allow you to obtain wholesale pricing and serve your own rather than pay by the drink BUT The bartender must shut the bar down and store any unused beer and wine in a place that cannot be accessed at the end of the party which will be at 1130 pm. For Liquor you must hire a caterer with an ABC permit and Liquor Liability Insurance with us an insured. You must use their liquor and their bartender too.


When do we have to shut down the festivities?

Due to the noise ordinance amplified music must  end at 1030 pm and Reception will end at 11pm with all visiting guests to depart by 11.30 pm.


Can we arrange the tables and chairs?

Tables and chairs are to be arranged by you in order to meet your needs.  We ask that all items be returned to their original locations before walk thru the following morning.

Do you have linens available?

Linens are included in the package pricing with extras available at $12 per.

We have a variety of white and off white. You may also bring in other colors yourself but their will be no discount for such.

How do we deal with the trash?

The caterer is responsible for removing the trash associated with any meals held on the property.  The Lessee is responsible for removing any other trash over the 4 bags per day alloted. If this is not done, there is a $10 per bag  and $20 per hour fee for removal by our staff as we must gather and deliver to the waste site.


When do I have to pay off my balance? What else is due when.

Full payment for the event must be received NO LATER THAN 14 days prior to the event.

At this same time guest room and vendor  list and event timeline due.

As is the VABC permits for alcohol. This permit takes time so start 6 weeks early.


How often may I visit the venue?

Member of the wedding party may visit once for portraits and twice for planning prior to the event and by appointment only. Other visits will be chargeable at $20 per hr.


Where do people park

           We have a parking area on the grass past the summer kitchen. It is recommended that you have a designated parking attendant to show your guests where and how they may park. Staging some cars prior to event will show them your desired parking pattern.

Thus the cars are out of the pictures but close to all. For Fire and Emergency access

We ask for no vehicles to be parked at the barn. Load and unload only.

Handicapped only  can be dropped off or park next to house or barn.

Signs lead to the parking area and we also stage vehicles there prior to events.

We supply a golf cart for help in moving guests too.

Can we have candles

           Candles in a votive may be used only under the tent and on the tables.

No candles or open flames in or around the Manor or the barn. You may use the battery operated candles anywhere.


Can we have sparklers

            We ask for special restricted use of sparklers in agreed upon ways and places. A Hold Harmless Agreement signed for such.  No children, on driveway or gravel, Large sparklers only, a designated person in charge will control and collect all in a can.


Where are the Restrooms

We currently have a set of restrooms by the Summer Kitchen and near the tent with one for Men and one for Women. We also have a similar set down by the barn.



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