The End of our Wedding Era

We began in 2004 with the Hope of saving our nearly 150 year old family home.

Teaching the old girl new tricks. And it worked beyond our wildest dreams.

Somehow we were chosen for a wedding to start off. And we have been running

with them ever since.

But now we are getting older just like Rockwood Manor and believe it or not it’s time

to wind down the wedding venue side of the business.

So we have made the decision to make 2023 the last year of weddings.

It has been a lovely ride with so many wonderful couples and we wish them well in the future.

We will still be welcoming guests from around the world so come join us on the porch.

Fall in Love with Fall Discount

Fall is one of the most beautiful times to travel here in mountains!
Take the scenic route and see some truly astonishing sites through the curvy roads to Rockwood Manor.
When you stay here at Rockwood Manor on a week night (Monday-Thursday) in October, take an extra 10% off your stay!
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End of Summer Special!

The end of summer means squeezing in any last-minute trips before the weather gets cold. With the end of summer special, you can enjoy 10% off when you stay a weeknight (Monday-Thursday) in the month of September.
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We can’t wait to see you!
Discount valid: 9/1-9/30

Thank you, guests!

Thank you so much to all of our guests that leave such great reviews of your stay online. We truly appreciate it.
Here’s just a few of the great things you guys have said about us recently:
” […]We stayed one night and thoroughly enjoyed the historic atmosphere and hospitality of the host. This was easy to find and a wonderful experience that included a over the top breakfast.
Plan on spending time to enjoy rocking on the porch, reading in the library, or walking the grounds enjoying the flowers and birds that are in abundance.”
“Entering the long driveway is just a taste of the escape Rockwood Manor provides. Wide open spaces protected from the outside world by trees and sloping hills it leads to a historic house that is beautifully preserved. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay, Frank and Rochelle were down to earth and heartwarming, the staff was the same way and breakfast was amazing! Great accommodations for a memorable experience. I’m so glad we found the slice of heaven as we toured the East coast for colleges!”

Pappy Van Winkle saves the day!

An old wedding tradition that we hold dear to our hearts here at Rockwood Manor is the burying a bottle of bourbon tradition. The tradition states that if you bury a bottle of bourbon exactly one month before your wedding date, it won’t rain on your special day and you’ll have good fortune as a married couple. Well that is exactly what this couple did, and we truly believe it saved their day! The weather this past Saturday was calling for a big storm heading directly towards the wedding, but miraculously the storm just barely missed. The perfect weather held up for the wedding, with only the faint sound of thunder from a distance.
That’s why if you ever get married at Rockwood Manor, we always suggest you bury a bottle of bourbon. It just might save your wedding day.
Congratulations to the happy couple!
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