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Rockwood Manor in Virginia is our family home and has been the scene of many events and parties over the years. We have been blessed with the company of great people, and some of them have been quite well known in their fields from art, music, literature and politics. But the very best of our guests are the unsung heroes who live behind a poem, a delightful painting of our dog Chardonnay, or a wonderful thank-you written in the book of memories. Along with these are our reviews online and a box of thank you cards in the office. We feel the best way to promote our home is word of mouth. So I would like to share some of these highlights with you now. Here are a few examples:

4/13/13 Mauney-Scott Wedding; Fabulous weekend! Love the House, the hospitality, the weather and on and on…  Rockwood Rocks!

Rooms are beautiful

Outstanding owners

Calm amid chaos

Kitchen was a plus

Wonderful people

Original in all ways

Ordinary in no way

Destination of choice


Love, The Mauneys

Thanks to Don & Eva Boy for this amazing poem.  Rockwood Manor 2/2/2013

We turned into the drive
The snow was lightly falling down
Just three miles off the main road
Out on the edge of town
So up the drive we went
With tires crunching virgin snow
To Rockwood Manor
On the porch was a welcome glow
The moon was peeking through the clouds
A lovely night to see
The lights were on like Frank said
That they would surely be.
Frank was there with broom in hand
To sweep the snow away
Smiling, friendly, welcoming
As he was throughout our stay
A lovely grand historic home
Amongst trees upon the hill
Putting on a coat of snow
The night was very still.
And as eternity
Lapsed slowly as she was out
I read cover to cover
What Rockwood was all about
He showed us in around the house
He led us room by room
He showed us coffee, showed us tea
Some later we’d consume
When Bells placed the first stone
I read about the elegance
To which today it’s grown
I read about the early days
He showed us rooms for dining
And rooms for sitting too
Twelve bedrooms was the count
For us just one would do
I read the many stories
Most written in first hand
I read about the cattle trade
I read about the land
Then we went to the Porterfield
The name of number five
We creaked our way up spiral stairs
That almost seemed alive
I read about loved Uncle Sam
I read of Sarah Bell
I read about her Rock Cookies
That people liked so well
The room was simply beautiful
With all we might need
With robes and all amenities
It was complete indeed
Then with my wife I snuggled
In a bed luxurious
To slip into a peaceful sleep
And all without a fuss
And high tech was not missing
With our HD and WIFI
But a claw-foot tub and fluffy towels
Were what caught my wife’s eye
She disappeared for quite some time
Emerging quite content
There was no doubt in her mind
Her time had been well spent.
For they shared a treasure
Richer than any table fare
This time they shared about themselves
Who, what, when and where
Next morning there was breakfast
At the very appointed time
The herbs and spices used therein
Were no less than sublime
Rochelle & Frank served our meal
With juice and coffee too
Again we found that food
Was not the best they could do
So if you’re  traveling 81
Or near the Blue Ridge Parkway
Be sure the Rockwood Manor
Is a place that you do stay
And “Doc” another guest was there
Along with his two cents
Enlivening the table talk
Opinions with good sense
Frank and Rochelle Drummond
Are the hosts that you will find
Will have the “keys” to Rockwood Manor
Where you can unwind
Till morning was escaping
And the road began to call
We sat and talked and laughed a lot
Enjoyable to all
They’ll wine you and they’ll dine you
They really do their part
Your Rockwood Manor visit
Etched forever on your heart
Testimonials for Rockwood Manor Bed and Breakfast

“You have made your descendents proud by restoring this magnificent home and allowing us to enjoy it.” -Gov. Mark Warner

“Many thanks for a truly marvelous time in an exceptional home. This is the bed and breakfast experience I’ve dreamed about.” -Karen & Andy Frank

“Dear Sarah, Frank & Bud: We got so many compliments about the wedding. After it was all over I really understood why Sarah wanted it there. The setting & closeness we all experienced could not be duplicated here in Michigan. It was like a fairytale or storey book wedding; thanks to you at Rockwood Manor.” -Keith & Karen Jones

“The beds are so comfortable and the home wraps its arms around you. So comforting, and the breakfast was wonderful with your creations. May I please get that recipe? Frank, you have certainly out done yourself this time.” -Sonny & Alice Porterfield

“It was like a walk back in time to another place of enchantment. Thank you for your most gracious hospitality in a magnificent home..” -Rachel

“Sarah: I enjoyed meeting you so much. You are a delightful and special lady.” -Kathryn

“Your fabulous efforts have this historic home “Reborn”. Rockwood lives again. Thanks.” -Dewitt and Becky

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