Historical Trip

Historical Trip

Discover Virginia’s rich history with these great places to visit.

What is a better place to stay for a historical trip than Rockwood Manor? Rockwood Manor is filled with rich history that you can read about in your rooms, as well as get to speak to the owner about the family history of the house.

Historical places to visit while staying at Rockwood Manor:

Wilderness road regional museum

The Wilderness Road Regional Museum is located only a 7-minute drive from Rockwood Manor and is a great place to learn about the town’s founder- Adam Hance.

Ratcliffe Memorial Transportation Museum

The Ratcliffe Memorial Transportation Museum is located only a 14-minute drive from Rockwood Manor. Visit this museum to visit one of the most extraordinary model train displays in this country and more.

Glencoe Museum

The Glencoe Museum is located only a 17-minute drive from Rockwood Manor. The house and grounds provide an intimate view of life from another era, as well as feature the works of talented local artists.

Ingles Farm

Ingles Farm is located only a 16-minute drive from Rockwood Manor. 

At Ingles Farm, you can delve into the life of Mary Ingles life and learn much more about the strong woman she was. You can also follow the trail she walked through the state to learn even more.


At these historical locations, you can learn all about Virginia’s history, and they’re all located only minutes from Rockwood Manor.

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