People Happy with their stay at Rockwood Manor

"You have made your descendents proud by restoring this magnificent home and allowing us to enjoy it."

-Gov. Mark Warner

"Many thanks for a truly marvelous time in an exceptional home. This is the bed and breakfast experience I've dreamed about."

-Karen & Andy Frank

"Dear Sarah, Frank & Bud: We got so many compliments about the wedding. After it was all over I really understood why Sarah wanted it there. The setting & closeness we all experienced could not be duplicated here in Michigan. It was like a fairytale or storey book wedding; thanks to you at Rockwood Manor."

-Keith & Karen Jones

"The beds are so comfortable and the home wraps its arms around you. So comforting, and the breakfast was wonderful with your creations. May I please get that recipe? Frank, you have certainly out done yourself this time."

-Sonny & Alice Porterfield

"It was like a walk back in time to another place of enchantment. Thank you for your most gracious hospitality in a magnificent home.."


"Sarah: I enjoyed meeting you so much. You are a delightful and special lady."


"Your fabulous efforts have this historic home "Reborn". Rockwood lives again. Thanks."

-Dewitt and Becky