Kentland Community Heritage Festival

Kentland  was the homeplace of  James Randall Kent and his wife Mary Louisa ( Cloyd )Kent. Their daughter Sarah James Kent was the wife of Francis Bell and my Great Great Grandmother.              She and Francis built the home Rockwood here in Dublin Virginia where they could be close to the railhead for shipment of cattle and farm goods to markets in the Big Cities.                                               We today continue their legacy under the name Rockwood Manor  Bed and Breakfast. To show how family names continue on both my Mother and Sister are named Sarah Kent.                                                                                                                                                                                                            Kentland Farm is now owned by Virginia Tech as a experimental farm and is 3200 acres of the best farmland in Virginia.

The Link below is to a poster describing the upcoming event.

2012 Kentland Festival Faded version

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