Honeymoon Ideas for the Newlyweds


If you are currently planning a wedding, you are likely to have run into more than your fair share of stressful situations. While the big day is surely going to be one to remember, it is the honeymoon where the fun really starts – no more flowers to order, no more bridesmaids to organize, and no more lost wedding invitations to deal with.

Once you have made the most important speech of your life, all that’s left to do is hop in the car, head to the airport, and prepare to jet off somewhere spectacular. But wait, how are you supposed to afford an amazing honeymoon after spending a considerable amount of money on the perfect nuptials? The good news is that there are a hundred and one alternative honeymoon ideas that can be done on a budget.

These quirky honeymoon ideas for newlyweds will help you to make sure that your big day is followed by an even bigger holiday.

Charter a sailboat

If you love the water, why not think about chartering a sailboat? While a week spent on a formally organized cruise could set you back anything from $1,500 to $4,000 per person (depending on the itinerary), short-term boat charters tend to come at a much lower price. It could be time to take a lesson from entrepreneur Lord Laidlaw, who has spent much of his fortune investing in remarkable sailboats and traveling the waters of the world – he is also responsible for the Laidlaw Research and Leadership Scholars.

Go all out at home

If the bank balance is looking a little sad post-wedding, and you are stuck for budget travel ideas, why not dispense with the travel altogether and go for all-out luxury in or around your hometown? It might sound strange at first, but if you forgo the need to shell out for expensive flights, you will be able to afford luxury treatment everywhere you go – just swap your flight money for an all-inclusive package at a local spa or resort.

Take a road trip

Who said that the honeymoon has to be all about the destination? You could load up the car with supplies, grab a map, and set off on an epic road trip. In the US, this kind of holiday is an endless treasure trove of adventures and surprises – the country is just so big that you could drive for weeks and never get bored. If the purse strings really are tight, go old school and stop off for snacks and lunch ingredients at convenience stores and supermarkets along the way, instead of eating out at fancy restaurants.

Use your imagination

The reality is that anything is possible if you just invest a little time and imagination in making it happen. There are no hard and fast rules governing what you should do on your honeymoon, so make the break yours – forget island resorts if you are more of a pedal to the metal road trip kind of couple. If the thought of lying on a beach all day bores you, start planning something that feels right for you.

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